Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nobody writes letters these days..the world, it seems, has become far too fast paced. It is either the short emails , the quick orkut scraps or even the shorter and quicker sms........Its a 'e' world now..But when it comes to carrying 'e'motions..nothing can match the beauty of a conventional letter..afterall,it carries someone's carries the fragrance of someone's love........

I don't like writing poetry proselike but at times the music refuses to set in.........

A few torn pages of a laboratory notebook
And LOVE scribbled thereon
Defying distance they had reached years back.
Ah ! his bad handwriting ..was so good to read
And i had slept with it...all night long.

I treasure it still..
Yes, I open it still ..
Now, his love stares at me..with eyes tearful
A thousand questions these fainting words ask
Ah ! the splash of colors...A million memories they uncage
and i see the buds of joy bloom amidst pain!

Rebel these words are
Then they defied they defy time
As i cling on to that letter...
..And live his love all over again!!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

An Ode to Poetry

an old poem..written years back. Have no mood and time to write this week and so felt like posting this.

O Poetry…a beauty you are
Matchless in your grace
I can sit back for hours long
Just gazing at your face.

You drag me down, you lift me high
You make me laugh, you make me cry..
You paint my wings in brightest hue
In strangest lands, U make me fly.

O Poetry, enchantress you are
In rhyme and rhythm clad.
With a veil of music over your hair
And a halo round your head.

With tearful eyes-as you I watch
You wipe my tears with loving touch
You inject peace to my troubled soul
You heal my wounds that pain so much.

Are you from the land of Gods?
Who brought you down to earth?
From whom you learnt this magic spell
That holds captive my heart???

The other day-when the night was dark
And stars and moon all gone
I saw you dance, O gorgeous maiden
With tinkling anklets on.

I heard you gurgle as the stream
I saw you sparkle bright…
I heard you murmer, I heard you whisper
In the woods all night.

And I saw you on the morning grass
As the dazzling dew
O lovely lady, in all your forms
I fall in love with you.

I fall in love a thousand times
So I can’t help but gaze
O poetry, a wonder you are
Matchless in your grace!!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Pain of getting wiser !!!!

I never knew that I would teethe at this age!!! There at the end of my jaw line, angled away from all its existing counterparts…standing in its own unique style, is a cute innocuous looking wisdom tooth. Yes I am definitely getting wiser and paying quite a heavy price for the same.
Now I know the pain tagged to wisdom and can loudly proclaim “IGNORANCE IS BLISS”. I started having the pain in my gums even when the tooth was not visible. I confused it for a gum infection and went to the dentist for a check up The dentist checked the interns of my mouth, hit all my teeth one by one, asked me all stupid questions ,and with all the happiness on earth, remarked “Congratulations, your wisdom teeth are coming up”. Down with the pain and already irritated with her incessant experimental hitting on all my teeth, I thought.."Congratulations to you rather, doctor, u definitely see some good money here and no wonder you look so happy about my pain”
The doctor gave me some painkillers and asked me to wait till the tooth comes up properly so that she can get it extracted. Days rolled on but the pain never abated..the crap painkillers provided some respite but only for an hour or two…by now my precious wisdom tooth had emerged out of my gums and had become even deadlier..soon my entire mouth got swollen... my ears , my head.. all started aching badly …the pain was so very throbbing that I could hardly open my mouth.. food, sleep, work….everything went for a toss…a small tooth was troubling me like hell…But despite all this, I was scared of going to the doctor and getting it extracted….i was somehow unwilling to part with my dear tooth (lest my wisdom disappears!!). It went like this for a month or so till the pain actually came down.. I am fine now but today morning only I could see another tooth emerging on the other side of my jaw line. And yes, thanks to my already existing wisdom tooth, I m definitely wise enough now to predict that painful times are not so far away!!!

FYI- In Korean, wisdom tooth is referred to as Sa-rang-nee which means love teeth referring to the young age and the pain of the first love