Saturday, December 17, 2011

If at all my words live beyond me..

I am not comfortable with writing poetry without a definite rhyme scheme....But somehow penned these lines this Saturday afternoon with music scattered here and there. Who can stop heart from doing things it wants to do? the poem

If at all my words live beyond me..
You too will live in them….vibrant, radiant as ever
In all my little joys…which left me and never came back
In all my pains..which I proudly won over
Yes you were there…very much there
Igniting my thoughts..helping me dream!!!!

You lived in all my stories untold
In all those secrets…which my heart dared not share
In all my truth and lies…you were there
Hiding behind the dying sparkle of my eyes….
In all those elusive blissful moments….under the October sky
You stood there…still… unmoved.. Inspiring…..
Inspiring the rhythm of my heart
Creating music…unabated,unknown,unheard…

And my music played on…with your notes entwined
Instilling life to my loneliness…
Bringing back all those paper boats…which I set on sail once
Ah! The demons of complacence
I have overpowered them all…have learnt to dream big
So I dream and pray…

If at all my music defies death…
And lives beyond me…pristine in its innocence
You too will live my dear…in all my words…in all my music
Radiant and vibrant as ever……………..

Saturday, December 3, 2011

In office on Saturday....trying to acheive some exceptionally steep targets!!!!While mind is trying to focus.....heart adamant and struggling to break free from these shackles. So, the poem!

Need more smiles in love

What is there to cry in Love?
Love is full of joy
So rise above all petty pains
And let your heart enjoy!!!

And that is what I taught my heart
And so you see me smile
Defying distance…all engrossed
In my beloved all the while.

The rainbow hues of love.
Once came down the silver path
Of start-lit skies above.

And brought a sparkle to my eyes
And brightness never seen
So I tell my heart to understand
How lucky it has been!

I drifted apart from my dear
The 5th of mad it pained
I cried a lot…time ran on
As in my heart his thoughts remained.

But Off late, I said “Enough!”
Why to shed my tears in vain?
What is the there to win in love
Love’s beyond all loss and gain.

Blessed are all…those who love
What else is love but joy?
So conquer pain..and stop those tears
Let your heart enjoy!!!!!!