Saturday, May 9, 2009

It's not a happy I am working on a Saturday compensating for the holiday declared on the election day in Karnataka. It feels all the more sad sitting in front of the lifeless monitor and typing some dull code when the day is "Pochise Boisaakh"..the birth anniversary of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore...the day which is so very special to very auspicious for bengalis all over the world. I made my silent celebrations yesterday..all alone in my Bangalore home...reading out Gurudev's poetry..singing out his songs. Memories abound........i grew up with his childhood, my teenage,
my youth…. there was Rabindranath all my all my pains. The more I read him..the more i know him...the more awestruck am I....
I miss the Rabindra jayanti celebrations back home....i miss the excitement of those endless rehearsals..i miss it all..

Would like to share with you all a bengali poem i wrote last pochise boisaakh.....i dont have the bangla fonts using the english letters only..

Kobigurur proti

aamar dukkho betha bhoy bhabona kichui naai
jokhon tomar shurer jhornatole haariye jaai
jokhon edik odik baajte thake tomaar gaan
aadhar chire uthle hride aalor baan
shei aaloy aaloy bhaste thaki
aami tomaay bhalobaashte thaki
tomar kothar jadur kaathi..pagol kore praan

tomar shur tomar chhondo
taar poroshe je mor ki aanondo!!!
tomar bhasha tomar bhab
thakle hride...kisher obhab?
tomar shur baajle buke...aamar hoyna haashi mlaan
tomar kabbo,tomar kotha..pagol kore praan

tomar kothaay ek poloke
jaai bheshe kon kolpoloke
jetha soishob aamar, koishor aamar..aabar khuje paai
oshim tumi aanondomoy
pagol koro aamar hridoy
ami tomar shure chhonde kobi...miliye jete chai.

Feel like writing more on this day.....but am in a hurry..have my 6 oclock shuttle to catch. Its drizzling outside, as i see from my office window....Hope to have a beautiful musical evening..."Shubho Pochise Boisaakh"!!!!!!