Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Busy May and a Lazy June

I have become very lazy and my laziness accounts for my disappearance from the blogosphere these days.

For me, It was a busy May and an equally lazy June. I had an exam in the office in April –May and given the bad times, I could not risk flunking. I gave my first attempt April last and tried all my luck rather than labour…….I wore my lucky dress, did my morning prayers with an extra bit of pseudo devotion, sat at the 7th system in the exam hall and etc etc. I was sure that I knew something of everything in the mammoth syllabus but in the exam, as I was running through the questions, I could not help feeling like Alice in Wonderland! Hoping against hope, I submitted with exactly seventeen minutes pending and kept praying till the result page loaded…..but alas ..there in front of my eyes were the most hated words “ You scored 55%. Better luck next time”. “Better labour” , I thought and started my preparations…No blogging, no reading novels, no freak outs. Studying after office hours, that also technical stuff, was maddening, I tell you, but somehow I had to. With all my crazy preparations, I attempted the assessment on last week of May and thankfully I cleared with a more than desired 83%.
I had become very worked up by then and so felt like taking a break…..Break for me this June meant doing nothing. Yes I had to go to office(no body was lenient enough to grant me leaves) but the workload was ok-ok types. I sneaked into a virtual slumber…yet again no blogging, no books, no outings. Mid june, I started reading the “KiteRunner “ and “The Autobiography of a Yogi” . Both the books are awesome but I had no mood to carry on beyond the first few pages. By this time my ma also had come to Bangalore and I was relived of the burden of cooking and other domestic chores. My laziness now had enough reasons to grow. Off late, I hated even walking….wished if the floor beneath would drift forward taking me along. Probably I was thinking just that when I was climbing down the stairs last week…..I am not sure if I had slipped or tripped but in a second I fell down in full public view..with everybody looking at me as if something very wonderful had happened. I badly sprained my foot and am still trying to limp back to normal.

Enough of being lazy….Hope to have a very vibrant and lovely July.