Friday, November 11, 2011


My ex roomie Shaswati is enjoying lots of "me time" in Denver, much so that she is posting some wonderful writings in her blog( the other side of the I am struggling with a very hectic schedule in Bangalore. Office..household the time I get free..exhaustion takes over. Off late...not keeping well...thanks to my allergic rhinitis, a deviated nasal bone and an ever changing bangalore climate. Felt like taking the excuse of being sick and grabbing up some precious "Me time". So, the poem.

Your memories are just too sweet
Part from those....will ever I?
They fill my eyes..with the brightest hues
They give my heart....wings to fly!

In its flight..sings my heart
All boozed in a joy unknown
In moonlit heart flies
Songs of sings alone.

Beautiful are times gone by
Still my life..they adorn
Bringing warmth in my coldest hours
Like sunshine in a winter morn.

Trust me, I have tried my best
to keep your thoughts...all away
The distance brings you closer still
Love grows on each passing day.

Say how I tame my beats of heart?
Say how I stop this trickling tear?
Joy and pain...all merged in one
This love will burn me up,I fear.

Then all the fears off I shake
With a rebel heart..firm I stand
A thousand song ring around
What is love, if not mad?

Your memories are just too special
Part from those? Naah can not I
Let them linger.. in my soul
And make me smile, make me cry