Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Today is an optional holiday in my Office. But unfortunately I could not take that option :( Felt like doing nothing in the first hour till Boss is in ....and so the post.

Mon obichol ………………

aar chokher kaajol dhowa jol

kichui bujhe na …

haay Bhalobasha chonchol .

tumi acho tai...kobita ache
tumi porbe bole likhi
Tumi acho tai...moner ek kone
bhalobasha aajo baaki

oi dekho cheye..ramdhonu aajo
saajay amaar aakash
Oi shuno dure,gaan sumodhur
baajay bhorer baatash

Tumi aacho tai..sob bhalo laage
tomay niyei sob...
Dupur belar bristi pora
pakihir kolorob....

tai to haashi..chokher jole
moner majhei thakbe bole..

tumi aacho...tai kobita accche...mon aajo obichol

tumi aacho tai...prem obujh..bhalobasha chonchol..................

Thursday, October 28, 2010

At times..season makes u write

I am back from my Puja holidays....I am still not out of the festive mood.....I dont feel like working. On the top of this...the season is so romantic. Azure skies..with the whitest clouds sailing...the Bangalore breeze blowing with a hint of upcoming winter in has all the goodness to make one write. As I look at the clouds..I keep on thinking that they might have travelled from a land far off...I keep feeeling the typical poetic pain. But you know one of the poets had rightly said..."There is a pleasure in poetic pains which only poets know"

Some dates are so special indeed
Today is like one of those.......
I feel like flying high in sky
stealing color from rainbows.

And send those colors to my dear
Who's celebrating far away
O wanton wind..will u help
send my wish this special day?

Winter has not set in still
clouds afloat in azure skies
Festive season...gorgeous nature
And dreams abound in my eyes.....

His love brims in my heart
So It still misses a beat or two
O sailing clouds..will you carry
my crazy heartbeats there with you?

And let my beats sing today...
The birthday song for my dear...
tell him that he is missed a lot
and loved a lot by someone here.