Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Looking Back :)

The Childish obsession with this date still persists…
Though memories are kind of fainting now..
…the Ruthlessness of time..Snatching them away from me…one by one
Without mercy!
This date, when innocence had crossed roads with love
And if you remember…the tides of joy and fear had gripped us both…with brains clueless as to what was on
If you remember, how fear had finally succumbed to joy..and had left us in rapid footsteps
Giving way to few honest confessions which our hearts kept hiding for so long!
Ah! Who could tame my beats of heart that day?
And Yes..who could match the brilliant sparkle in your fickle eyes?
From the skies, as if, boundless joy had descended to us
This very day..the 9th of May…12 years back!

Today, the same date stares at me with eyes tearful..
A thousand questions  it asks
I choose not to answer this time
I choose not to convince you , my beloved
Love, with all its smiles and tears, faults and follies..continues unabated
And my childish obsession with this date still persists.!!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

If at all my words live beyond me..

I am not comfortable with writing poetry without a definite rhyme scheme....But somehow penned these lines this Saturday afternoon with music scattered here and there. Who can stop heart from doing things it wants to do? the poem

If at all my words live beyond me..
You too will live in them….vibrant, radiant as ever
In all my little joys…which left me and never came back
In all my pains..which I proudly won over
Yes you were there…very much there
Igniting my thoughts..helping me dream!!!!

You lived in all my stories untold
In all those secrets…which my heart dared not share
In all my truth and lies…you were there
Hiding behind the dying sparkle of my eyes….
In all those elusive blissful moments….under the October sky
You stood there…still… unmoved.. Inspiring…..
Inspiring the rhythm of my heart
Creating music…unabated,unknown,unheard…

And my music played on…with your notes entwined
Instilling life to my loneliness…
Bringing back all those paper boats…which I set on sail once
Ah! The demons of complacence
I have overpowered them all…have learnt to dream big
So I dream and pray…

If at all my music defies death…
And lives beyond me…pristine in its innocence
You too will live my dear…in all my words…in all my music
Radiant and vibrant as ever……………..

Saturday, December 3, 2011

In office on Saturday....trying to acheive some exceptionally steep targets!!!!While mind is trying to focus.....heart adamant and struggling to break free from these shackles. So, the poem!

Need more smiles in love

What is there to cry in Love?
Love is full of joy
So rise above all petty pains
And let your heart enjoy!!!

And that is what I taught my heart
And so you see me smile
Defying distance…all engrossed
In my beloved all the while.

The rainbow hues of love.
Once came down the silver path
Of start-lit skies above.

And brought a sparkle to my eyes
And brightness never seen
So I tell my heart to understand
How lucky it has been!

I drifted apart from my dear
The 5th of mad it pained
I cried a lot…time ran on
As in my heart his thoughts remained.

But Off late, I said “Enough!”
Why to shed my tears in vain?
What is the there to win in love
Love’s beyond all loss and gain.

Blessed are all…those who love
What else is love but joy?
So conquer pain..and stop those tears
Let your heart enjoy!!!!!!

Friday, November 11, 2011


My ex roomie Shaswati is enjoying lots of "me time" in Denver, much so that she is posting some wonderful writings in her blog( the other side of the I am struggling with a very hectic schedule in Bangalore. Office..household the time I get free..exhaustion takes over. Off late...not keeping well...thanks to my allergic rhinitis, a deviated nasal bone and an ever changing bangalore climate. Felt like taking the excuse of being sick and grabbing up some precious "Me time". So, the poem.

Your memories are just too sweet
Part from those....will ever I?
They fill my eyes..with the brightest hues
They give my heart....wings to fly!

In its flight..sings my heart
All boozed in a joy unknown
In moonlit heart flies
Songs of sings alone.

Beautiful are times gone by
Still my life..they adorn
Bringing warmth in my coldest hours
Like sunshine in a winter morn.

Trust me, I have tried my best
to keep your thoughts...all away
The distance brings you closer still
Love grows on each passing day.

Say how I tame my beats of heart?
Say how I stop this trickling tear?
Joy and pain...all merged in one
This love will burn me up,I fear.

Then all the fears off I shake
With a rebel heart..firm I stand
A thousand song ring around
What is love, if not mad?

Your memories are just too special
Part from those? Naah can not I
Let them linger.. in my soul
And make me smile, make me cry

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lines written in office bus

So busy…so busy these days….left with no time to write. As I was travelling back by my office bus yesterday…for a change..did not log in to my laptop. Heart mumbled a few lines….looks like they have rhymed..

Priyo aakasher aarek paare,Amaar din hole taar raat
Taai bujhi shey jegei thaake……..Premer haajar ojuhaat!!!

Aami chaina jete prioyor kaache, prem Jodi kom pore
Dur thekei obaadh bhabe..jacche je prem bere.

Emni kore din chole jaay.. kaatlo bochhor koto
Tobuo jeno mishti laage..prothom premer moto.

Pagol praaner paaglami shob…mithhey sopno aashaa
Hoyto priyo bhulei geche…amaar bhalobasha :(

Ta bhebei kede pori….abaar kede haashi
Bhuluk priyo..porowa kori na…AAMI TO BHALOBAASHI

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Today is an optional holiday in my Office. But unfortunately I could not take that option :( Felt like doing nothing in the first hour till Boss is in ....and so the post.

Mon obichol ………………

aar chokher kaajol dhowa jol

kichui bujhe na …

haay Bhalobasha chonchol .

tumi acho tai...kobita ache
tumi porbe bole likhi
Tumi acho tai...moner ek kone
bhalobasha aajo baaki

oi dekho cheye..ramdhonu aajo
saajay amaar aakash
Oi shuno dure,gaan sumodhur
baajay bhorer baatash

Tumi aacho tai..sob bhalo laage
tomay niyei sob...
Dupur belar bristi pora
pakihir kolorob....

tai to haashi..chokher jole
moner majhei thakbe bole..

tumi aacho...tai kobita accche...mon aajo obichol

tumi aacho tai...prem obujh..bhalobasha chonchol..................

Thursday, October 28, 2010

At times..season makes u write

I am back from my Puja holidays....I am still not out of the festive mood.....I dont feel like working. On the top of this...the season is so romantic. Azure skies..with the whitest clouds sailing...the Bangalore breeze blowing with a hint of upcoming winter in has all the goodness to make one write. As I look at the clouds..I keep on thinking that they might have travelled from a land far off...I keep feeeling the typical poetic pain. But you know one of the poets had rightly said..."There is a pleasure in poetic pains which only poets know"

Some dates are so special indeed
Today is like one of those.......
I feel like flying high in sky
stealing color from rainbows.

And send those colors to my dear
Who's celebrating far away
O wanton wind..will u help
send my wish this special day?

Winter has not set in still
clouds afloat in azure skies
Festive season...gorgeous nature
And dreams abound in my eyes.....

His love brims in my heart
So It still misses a beat or two
O sailing clouds..will you carry
my crazy heartbeats there with you?

And let my beats sing today...
The birthday song for my dear...
tell him that he is missed a lot
and loved a lot by someone here.