Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Looking Back :)

The Childish obsession with this date still persists…
Though memories are kind of fainting now..
…the Ruthlessness of time..Snatching them away from me…one by one
Without mercy!
This date, when innocence had crossed roads with love
And if you remember…the tides of joy and fear had gripped us both…with brains clueless as to what was on
If you remember, how fear had finally succumbed to joy..and had left us in rapid footsteps
Giving way to few honest confessions which our hearts kept hiding for so long!
Ah! Who could tame my beats of heart that day?
And Yes..who could match the brilliant sparkle in your fickle eyes?
From the skies, as if, boundless joy had descended to us
This very day..the 9th of May…12 years back!

Today, the same date stares at me with eyes tearful..
A thousand questions  it asks
I choose not to answer this time
I choose not to convince you , my beloved
Love, with all its smiles and tears, faults and follies..continues unabated
And my childish obsession with this date still persists.!!!

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